St Thomas' Camp Hill has Tuckshop available each Monday and Thursday at both First Break (Morning Tea) and Second Break (Lunch).  For those occasions that Monday is a Public Holiday then Tuckshop is open on the Tuesday when we can.

At Perth Street Pantry we aim to provide nutritious healthy food while still allowing those treats that the children love.  We are a member of the Queensland Association of Tuckshops and Nutrition Australia.  We use their resources and consider the Government's 'Smart Choices' Program when finalising our menu to help the students get into the habit of making good food choices. 



Please note that Perth Street Pantry uses the Flexischools System. Cut off time for online orders is 8.45 am on Tuckshop Day.

Prep Students
Prep students do not come up to the Tuckshop so all items for both First and Second Breaks are ordered via the Flexischools System. This includes all Treats and Drinks. This is relevant for both Monday and Thursday.

All Other Students
Morning Tea, Lunch, Drinks and Treats are all available to order online. Counter service is available for Drinks and Treats at second break. This is relevant for both Monday and Thursday.

If Tuckshop is held on any day other than Monday (e.g. Tuesday after Public Holidays) then it will run as per Thursday's menu. 


How to Access the Flexischools System:

Flexischools online ordering system eliminates the need for children to bring cash to school to purchase tuckshop items and gives parents more control over the food choices your children make. Orders can be placed from Computers, IPhone, IPad, or other Mobile Devices.

As purchases are made, the funds are taken from your prepaid account. The account can be topped up or set to automatically top up via credit card, PayPal or Bank Transfer when the balance falls below a pre-set amount.

There is a 29c fee for the online orders to help pay for the labels and website system. This Fee is not charged by the school. ​



Without our wonderful group of Volunteers Perth Street Pantry would not be able to continue this fantastic service for our school community.  You can volunteer for a day, a morning or simply pop in on Tuckshop Day if you have an hour or two to spare. We have parents who volunteer one day a Term and others who pop in after drop-off for an hour before continuing with their day. We are always in need of that extra pair of hands, so any time you can spare would be appreciated.  It is a wonderful way to get to know other parents, have a chat, and get involved in the school community. We are always in need of more volunteers so please get in touch if you think you can help. 

We hope this information makes it easier for you to order tuckshop for your children. If you have any concerns or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0431 143 685.

Alternatively you can email us on stthomastuckshop@gmail.com or by sending a note addressed to 'The Tuckshop Convenor' via the school office.  

I would like to welcome all new parents and caregivers to St Thomas' and look forward to seeing  you all over the course of the year. 


​Helpful links:

Facebook Page - www.facebook.com/perthstreetpantry
Flexischools - www.flexischools.com.au or Phone: 1300 361 769
Smart Choices - http://education.qld.gov.au/schools/healthy/docs/smart-choices-strategy.pdf