Student Health


If you intend keeping your child at home because of illness, please follow the procedure as mentioned in Student Absences. Please ensure that you have given the school the appropriate information on your child's Health Record.  Please keep this information up to date at all times - even if your contact number changes for only one day – please let the office know, so you can be contacted.  This information is essential if your child is involved in an emergency situation.  If your child becomes ill during school time, they will spend 10 minutes in sick bay, after which time a decision will be made as to whether the child is returned to class, or a parent/caregiver is called to take the child home.


It is school policy that teachers do not administer medication, including aspirin, etc. to students.  If it is necessary for a child to take medicine on a medical practitioner's advice during school hours, please complete a Student Medication Request Form at the School Office.  Parents/caregivers are then requested to send to their child’s teacher a note advising that medication needs to be taken whilst at school. The child must know how to administer the medication – school staff will only supervise this administration.  Please refrain from sending medication requirements for more than the required period.  Any medication brought to school will be stored in a locked drawer in the first aid area until it is required. Please refer to the Administration of Medication Policy.


Infections with or without illness, are common in children. When children attend school they are exposed to a large number of children, increasing the opportunity for the spread of infectious diseases. It is not possible to prevent the spread of all infections and illnesses within schools, however a lot of illnesses from infectious disease can be prevented.

Please refer to the Recommended Exclusion Periods for Infectious Conditions produced by Queensland Health.