Health & Physical Education

​​At St Thomas’ we believe our Health and Physical Education and Sport Program should:

  • Provide each child with the opportunity to develop skills and increase knowledge in the areas of Health, Safety, Outdoor and Sports Education.

  • To develop positive attitudes towards participation, effort, fair play and sport spirit.

  • Be for all children of all abilities and ages.

  • Expose the children to a variety of skills/experiences for their adult leisure time.

  • Promote the physical development of the whole child to enhance the spiritual, academic, artistic and social aspects of the school curriculum.

  • Provide children with an awareness and knowledge of their bodies and how they work and of health related fitness.

  • Involve each child in regular physical activity

  • Foster and encourage personal satisfaction, enjoyment and a sense of achievement by striving toward individual excellence

  • Provide opportunity to use skills developed within a game/circuit setting, in our school and with other schools.

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KELLEHERNamed after Sr Patrick Francis Kelleher who was the first Good Samaritan  Principal at our school.
MANNINGNamed after Miss Manning who was the first lay teacher of our school.
PERKINSNamed after Father Perkins who was our first Parish Priest.
ZAMMITNamed after Sr Carmela Zammit who was the​ last Sister of the Good Samaritan on the teaching staff of our school.  She retired in 2004.  Sr Carmela is currently a volunteer literacy support teacher at our school.