Our Library

library.JPGThe Saint Thomas’ library is an educational facility, which is accessed by the whole school. Mrs Stewart, the teacher librarian and Mrs Henricks, the library school officer, have assisted the students and staff with library education for over five years.

There are several sections to the library structure. There is a fiction section where students can find the latest narratives and novels. In addition, there is a non-fiction area where factual texts can be found. The library also houses a teachers’ reference section that all staff have access to. Some of the teacher’s resources include kits, charts, books and audiovisuals. 

The library is open Wednesday and Thursday during lunch time and throughout the school day. At lunch time, students may borrow books and play computer games or chess. In addition, the library is opened daily and each class has their set borrowing time. 

Throughout the year, students are encouraged through various initiatives, to celebrate their love of reading. Some of these include the MS Readathon and Book Week, which is always a great celebration at Saint Thomas’ where students and teachers are encouraged to dress up as their favourite book character.

Ultimately, these events inspire a genuine love of literature through reading to the children and speaking to them about various books and authors. In addition, our teacher librarians encourage each student to donate a book to the library every year for only five dollars. 

The Saint Thomas’ library is an educational treasure that the whole school is extremely proud of and we hope that future teacher librarians, staff, and students will love and care for the library as much as we do today.