​​St. Thomas' community believes in the inherent beauty of every child in our care formed in the image of God.  The responsibility to provide a climate whereby each student has opportunities to grow in this image is shared by the Principal and staff who complement the role of each child’s family.  This responsibility exists whether the student begins at Prep or at any other point during the eight years of primary schooling.

A curriculum that promotes the realisation of each child’s potential is grounded in the basic shared beliefs of our Catholic community.curriculum.JPG

These beliefs are: 

  • that all children are created equal and therefore have the same right to realise their potential;

  • that all children are individuals and therefore have different and various talents/abilities which must be catered for;

  • that children develop at different stages and learn in a variety of ways and therefore a holistic approach to learning must be adopted;

  • that education is for life and the primary school is but a part of the process - albeit an important one;

  • that the curriculum must be dynamic in order to reflect the contemporary world of which we are a part, and that is continually changing.​​

St. Thomas' Primary School aims to empower its students to become reflective and self-directed lifelong learners who have the necessary attitudes, processes, skills and knowledge to meet their ever widening, ever changing personal and social needs.  The curriculum is diverse to provide a range of learning opportunities and cater for the individual style of learning that each child possesses.

At the Information Evenings at the commencement of each academic year, each class teacher outlines the curriculum nominated for that particular year level.  St. Thomas' at all times strives to provide a high quality, inclusive Catholic education.

The implementation of the Curriculum is supported by a number of specialist teachers who work with all children/classes in our school including speech and drama, technology, music, LOTE (Language Other Than English - Italian), and Health and Physical Education.