COVID-19 Update

​The health and safety of students, parents, staff, and the wider community are the highest priority for St Thomas’. The school’s Leadership Team continues to monitor the changing situation in our local area and will keep families updated with information relevant to our practices and events as it becomes available.

A ‘Temp​orary Closure Plan’ for St Thomas' has been developed in the event of a notification from the Queensland​ Health authorities that a positive COVID-19 case has been identified. I encourage all parents to take a few moments to review this plan (available via the Parent Portal). I also strongly encourage parents to ensure that you have:

      • Updated all contact details (both email and phone) with the school,

      • Downloaded the BCE Connect App. (Download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store)

Please continue to be vigilant in following the most recent health advice. This includes:

      • Keeping your child home if they are unwell. Students who are unwell must not attend school and students should remain at home until well.

      • Restricting adult access to school grounds (including visitors and parents). Please contact the school via phone or electronically where at all possible.

      • Physical Distancing when onsite and avoid congregating around the school.

      • Ensuring your child brings a water bottle for personal use.