Calm Springs

​​The purpose of the 'Calm Springs' lunch club is to provide an alternative space for students (the library), who may find the playground an overwhelming experience or may just be looking for a quieter space to go to. It is important to acknowledge that some children would rather be alone, have additional structure to support their play or play in a quieter space and being the inclusive community we are at St. Thomas', we are responding to the needs of our students.

Much thought and consultation, went into naming our lunch club, particularly with our Year 6 Wellbeing Ministry. ‘Calm’ because this is a calm and quiet place to go and ‘Springs’ because the connection to water and the environment is significant to all, including Aboriginal culture. Birds, animals and plants could not exist without a constant water source. Springs are a water source that bring nature together to nourish their bodies just like ‘Calm Springs’ will nourish the wellbeing of our students at St. Thomas'.

A few children, from every class, are welcome to come along during lunch times. We are fortunate to be able to offer this everyday of the week. There will be a range of activities provided eg drawing, board games, colouring, origami. Children can choose any of these activities or they might want to interact with other children, in a quiet setting. The adult who is rostered on is there to support positive interactions between child-to-child; model how to ask to join in with an activity and students with social skills and social engagement.