Catholic Education Week

Celebrated annually in week 3 of Term 3, Catholic Education Week is an opportunity for all 307 Catholic schools in Queensland to celebrate and promote their distinctive mission and ethos. It’s a week where we can all reflect on the significant contributions our Catholic communities make. This year's theme, 'A spirited tomorrow', acknowledges the 175th anniversary of the opening of the first Catholic school in Queensland, the long tradition of Catholic education and its continued relevance in preparing students for the future. The theme also references the work of the Plenary Council in discerning the way forward for the Church in Australia.

At today's whole school assembly, we gathered together to reflect upon our school's charism, and our community's contributions to the Brisbane Catholic Education family in its almost 91 years. It's fair to say, that after last year's 90th anniversary celebrations, our students have a strong sense of our story and the values that are the foundation for our community. At St Thomas', each school year provides us with an opportunity to explore our Catholic Identity more deeply as we focus on a new theme that connects directly to our school's charism and Vision and Mission.