Commissioning of Senior Leaders

​This morning we gathered as a whole school for our Opening School Mass and Commissioning of Senior Leaders. In the life of our school year, this mass is always a very special occasion. At St Thomas', each school year provides us with an opportunity to explore our Catholic Identity more deeply as we focus on a new theme that connects directly to our school's charism and Vision and Mission. In 2020, we extend an invitation to all members of our community to join us in exploring the value of FAITH, as we celebrate our theme, 'Faith Gives Us Wings'.

To assist us in deepening our connection to our theme, we offer the following symbols:

Symbol1.jpg  ​



As part of the mass, each student was presented with their very own themed journal. These journals will be used as a resource to support our whole school approach to meditation, known as Tomatation. Tomatation, held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (11:05am-11:10am) at St Thomas', is our way of intentionally making time to be still, reflective and filled with gratitude. The journals will provide a space to capture thoughts, feelings and reflections as we journey throughout the year. Once again I need to acknowledge and thank the contribution made by our STYPS (St Thomas' Young Parish Singers) whose singing brings so much life to our celebrations!

Symbol4.jpg  Symbol5.jpg

Today's mass also provided an opportunity to formally commission our Year 6 Student Leaders. Each of our leaders was presented with a blessed Student Leader badge and leadership shirt, visible symbols of their important role. At St Thomas', we value the significant role these leaders play in the life of our school community and we look forward to witnessing the many contributions they will make throughout the year!