​As you are aware, this year we have a school wide focus on enhancing our communication across the school. An important part of achieving this goal has been to provide our parent community with access to consistent forms of communication, using some more engaging and contemporary platforms. So far, this has included:

  • ​Updating the School Newsletter to the SWAY platform

  • Merging the previous version of the School Website to BCE's new SharePoint platform

  • Developing a School Twitter Account @StThom_CampHill (We are up to 111 followers!)

  • ​Continued use of Parent Slips platform for managing permissions

  • Use of the SMS platform

  • Use of Class Blogs to share Term Overviews and other class related information and updates

Our next focus to enhance our communication is to more effectively promote our weekly Wednesday Assembly to our parent community. Each Wednesday afternoon at 2:05pm, our whole school gathers in the Noble Tree Centre to celebrate Faith and Learning. This is a special time in the life of our school where we take time to come together in reflection and celebration....and our parents are always invited and welcome to attend!

To help promote, celebrate and recognise student achievement at our assembly, we will commence publishing to parents, prior to the assembly, the names of those students receiving an award that week. The published information will be shared with parents each Monday morning via the Parent Portal, and will not only include the names of the students receiving an award, but also provide other information, including the designated class leading prayer for that week.

We hope that by publishing this information each Monday morning, that some parents may be able to make themselves available to attend to celebrate their child's achievement. 

Shhhhhh..we are still wanting the students to be surprised when their name is called out to receive an award!