Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum

​The school will be implementing the Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum for students in Prep to Year 6 this semester. This curriculum is based on principles of best practice in child safety education and centres around three key messages: Recognise, React and Report.

Through a series of lessons, students will learn how to recognise, react, and report when they are unsafe or find themselves in situations that can have a significant detrimental effect on their physical, psychological, or emotional wellbeing.

A collaborative approach between schools, families and the community is the best way to provide safety education to children. We encourage you discuss and reinforce key safety messages with your children. Information about the Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum can be found at https://danielmorcombe.com.au/keeping-kids-safe-resources/ and the site provides a great opportunity for you to explore the curriculum and the messages your child will be receiving.