Facility Upgrades

Did you know that throughout the year we have continued to carry out some various projects around the school as part of maintaining and upgrading our facilities. So far this year we have:

  • Upgraded the Audio Visual System in the Noble Tree Centre
  • Installed new carpet in both Year 2 classrooms
  • Tinted windows in Year 3, Year 5 and Year 6 classrooms to reduce glare
  • Installed Autex Wall Covering in Year 3W, Year 5 and Year 6

During the upcoming holiday period, a number of projects and maintenance items will be completed across the school. Some of the bigger projects include:

  • Exterior Painting - A fresh coat of paint will be given to the exterior of the main building (all levels)-starting at the tuckshop and making its way down the main building to Prep (with the exception of the recently refurbished Admin)
  • Classroom Entry Door Installations - A number of classrooms will see new glass entry doors installed. The glass doors will replace the existing heavy timber doors providing greater visibility in-and-out of classrooms. The lighter weight of the doors will also make it easier for students and staff to move in and out of the room (particularly when doors are closed due to air-conditioning). The following rooms will see new glass doors installed: Prep, Year 1, Music and Year 5.
  • New Ovens for the Perth Street Pantry - Two new commercial grade ovens will be installed in the Perth Street Pantry some time in October, providing a far more efficient way for the team to prepare food for our many hungry clients!