Grandparents Day

Last Thursday's Grandparent's Day was very well attended by grandparents from near and far... and by far I mean interstate....and even from overseas! The school was flooded with the spirit & energy that only Grandparent's Morning can bring! So many many proud moments...what it’s all about! The reflection below, provided by current grandparent and former St Thomas' teacher, captures beautifully the spirit and energy that such experiences provide in the life of our school community.....

 "What a wonderful morning we had. Thank you staff and thank you children. A beautiful start to the morning, sharing prayers with the children in the hall, then off to their rooms where we saw their work displayed and were able to sit and chat with them as they showed us their workbooks and worked with skill on their iPads. What a difference to the teaching techniques in the 1970’s and 1980’s when I taught at St. Thomas’. In my last year there (1986) we had 2 computers which had to be shared between all the classes. They were wheeled on trolleys from classroom to classroom so that all the children could have a turn at maths and language games on the computer. Of course the teachers had to have a few computer lessons first for this to happen.

I really enjoyed my time there with my family.   Then it was time to share a lovely cuppa with other parishioners who have been friends for many years. Some of these were parents of children I taught in the 70’s and 80’s.

What a lovely day! Thank you to all".​