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​St Thomas’ Learner Dispositions - 

Throughout Term 1, our students focused on the Learner Dispositions of SELF- MANAGING and Resilience as they grew in their knowledge of self and continued to develop an understanding of themselves as learners. Self-Managing will remain a focus through each term of the year.

This term our attention turns to the disposition of Collaboration. We know that at all levels of employment and for workers of all ages, being able to collaborate is an important competence to be developed and when being used effectively, contributes to our success and happiness in the workplace.

Collaboration is a vital skill for any aspect of work, play or community activity. In our school setting, some of our best ideas and output are achieved by being collaborative – sharing ideas and practices, giving feedback, working together on a solution, co-planning, and collaborating in our teaching practice, and acknowledging and learning from the expertise of another.

In the classroom, putting a spotlight on being a COLLABORATIVE learner, recognises the importance of being able to contribute effectively in a productive relationship with one or more other students and adults. It is important for our students to also understand how their own and others’ efforts determine the success of a given learning outcome. In a learning scenario, collaboration will be seen when a child is

  • Working well with others

  • Being an effective team member

  • Communicating effectively

  • Developing interdependent working relationships – where the task cannot be achieved without the sum of the group’s efforts.

Our motto for this term therefore, is “Collaboration - I work effectively with others toward a goal.”