​​​Between 2018 and 2020, all schools nationwide will transition to NAPLAN Online. As previously communicated in 2018, St Thomas' will transition to NAPLAN online this year. Brisbane Catholic Education has spent the past 12 months preparing us to move to NAPLAN Online. NAPLAN Online replaces the paper-based NAPLAN tests with computer-based assessments. In most of the tests, students can go back and change answers. Students can also check their progress at any time during the test. Students will still be able to do working out on paper, and Year 3 students will still complete their written assessment piece by hand this year. 

While the written NAPLAN test was held over three days, students completing NAPLAN Online will have the same number of tests but these will be scheduled over 9 days (called a testing window). We can also expect to receive results much sooner than previously. Our school technical staff are well prepared and our teachers have received significant training and support facilitated by our NAPLAN Lead Team.