P&F News

​Thank you to everyone for coming to our Welcome Event at the Camp Hill Bowls Club on Friday night. We were so happy to see you and your children there and we hope you had a great time. Thanks to our Committee for pulling the event together. Awesome teamwork from everyone!

Our next P&F Event is the Colour Explosion which we are really excited to be bringing to you. There are more details below but remember to get a profile going for your children and start fundraising. We have already hit an amazing milestone with funds raised to date so thank you to all our kids for your hard work! We are using these funds to assist in the upgrade of our Early Years Playground for our St Thomas’ children.

As always, a reminder to join the St Thomas’ P&F Community Group on Facebook and if you haven’t already done so, please follow this link to provide the P&F with your contact details:-


Enjoy the rest of your week!


Colour Explosion School Fun Run

Thank you so much for continuously supporting our school, especially through fundraising. This term, we are hosting a Colour Explosion School Fun Run to raise money for the early years’ playground. So far, we have 86 students connected and earning. Henry E is topping the individual fundraising and 3Blue is leading the class fundraising.

Start fundraising today. Did you know? Students raise 3x times more when they fundraise online! Visit myprofilepage.com.au to create your child’s cybersafe fundraising profile. Instructions are in your child’s sponsorship booklet. You have until Friday 19th March 2021 to fundraise, so make sure you get cracking!

The big day is coming! We are so excited to host our Colour Explosion School Fun Run on Friday 19th March from 12:30 to 2:40 pm. Parents are invited to attend and encouraged to bring a super soaker to wet your child. On the day, make sure your child brings a white shirt for the Fun Run! They will be covered in non-toxic, high quality colour powder from head to toe! They will also need a water bottle, their hat and sunscreen.

How do prizes work? Help your child fundraise more by setting a prize goal! It’s okay if they change their mind – you order their exact prizes later. You can order your child’s prizes online at myprofilepage.com.au between 12/03/2021 and 19/03/2021. Alternatively, complete the back page of your sponsorship booklet when you return your cash donations. Students can choose a prize based on the total amount of dollars raised, or mix and match smaller prizes.

Share in $200,000 worth of extra prize credit! Achieve bigger prizes by helping your child earn bonus credit on their online profile. By reaching fundraising milestones online, you can share in $200,000 of extra prize credit!

Become a Fundraising MonSTAR! Collect all virtual badges on your online profile page and receive your own Fundraising MonSTAR bag tag.

Class Reward Prize. Teamwork counts! If your class creates the most online profile pages each student will receive a Fundraising MonSTAR handball.

FundRazor of the Year Award. Do you think you can top the national leader board? Australia’s highest fundraising student in Australia will win a Razor Prize Pack, worth $4,900!

If you have any questions about the Colour Explosion School Fun Run please contact the office of Australian Fundraising on 1300 133 022. Thanks for supporting our school and we hope to see you at the event.