Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent Teacher Interviews will be held in Weeks 8 and 9 of this term. This is a valuable opportunity for both teachers and parents to come together in partnership to discuss the progress of each individual student. These 15-minute meetings provide an opportunity for the sharing and discussion of each student’s strengths and achievements, areas for growth and most importantly, the setting of future goals and actions.

Bookings for Parent Teacher Meetings will be open via the PTO Platform from 7am on Tuesday 9th March, 2021. Teachers will allocate availability either before or after school, along with all teachers being available on the designated evening of Tuesday 16th March. You can access PTO (Parent-Teacher Online) from the Parent Portal by clicking on the PTO icon. We are hoping that all parents are able to attend these meetings to further foster and strengthen our partnership in supporting each and every child at St Thomas'.