Remarkable Day of Learning

Today was an absolutely amazing day of celebration – a celebration of learning, and a celebration of community. The morning began with a very welcome cup of coffee, generously provided by our wonderful P&F Association. On entering the school gates, one could feel the buzz and energy of a community coming together to celebrate a wonderful year of learning.

Open Classrooms

The open classrooms were an opportunity for parents and grandparents to visit their children’s rooms to view and listen to the activities that the students have been engaged in, to browse through books and displays together and to touch base with teachers. As teachers, we certainly appreciate the opportunity to welcome you into our classrooms, and to connect in a very practical way, with learning in the classroom environment. It was also a great chance to see the newly furnished, flexible learning spaces in action.

​Celebration of Learning

The Celebration of Learning was an important time to gather, and to reflect on the year that has been. It was an auspicious moment in time, to listen to teachers reflect on the individual traits of each class and to especially acknowledge learners from each class, who have demonstrated remarkable progress in learning this year. Each of these learners have made progress with their learning, bravely and persistently, despite challenges that may have arisen. These learners are a wonderful model of resilience for us all. We reflected that success is achieved when we continue to try, try and try again when obstacles prevent us from achieving our goals.

Tommie’s Got Talent

Today we were treated to an amazing array of talent performed by 129 of  our very own creative St Thommies’ performers. The judges undertook an unenviable challenge of finding one winner from a pool of gifted musicians, instrumentalists, singers, composers, performers and dancers.

It was such a pleasure to take the time to appreciate the God-given and nurtured artistic talents of our students and to give our students the opportunity to share these talents with all of our community. It was wonderful to appreciate another dimension of our students’ endeavours.

The 2019 winner of Tommies’ Got Talent will be announced at the Celebration of Learning and Faith, next Wednesday 20th November.