Thank you for your help to collect materials for our STEM Challenges. Each morning, our STEM bins will be outside the school office to collect equipment.

Each week we will have a different material that we will collect in a bin at the Office door.

  • Week 1: bottle tops (a range of shapes, sizes and materials)​
  • Week 2: cardboard tubes (paper towel, foil and glad wrap - no toilet rolls)
  • Week 3: plastic tubing, lengths of small pipe or conduit
  • Week 4: newspapers
  • Week 5: pegs (plastic, timber) & binder clips
  • Week 6: fabric offcuts (wadding, foam and pipe insulation also useful)
  • Week 7: polystyrene foam shapes/small boxes
  • Week 8: string and wool
  • Week 9: cardboard boxes