Sport News


All classes have been having tennis lessons from Anthony White, our current tennis coach for Friday afternoon coaching lessons. We have been very impressed with the progress made in a few weeks of lessons. All year 5 and 6 students are quite capable of holding a rally to enable them to play the game of tennis. Year 4 students are very close to this. Prep to Year 3 are showing some great tracking and stroke skills and will hope to be in some game situations by the end of our four week unit.

Last Thursday our Year 5 class was filmed by a Channel 9 TV crew for the children's show Smashdown which features children being active in sport. This particular show will be aired in March 2020. It was an exciting lesson and our Year 5 class certainly surprised the crew with their level of skill.


Swimming lessons continue for Year 2. These lessons are vital for developing stroke technique as well as water safety and survival. All Queensland children need to be exposed to expert coaches for swimming to help develop their confidence in the water.


Motor Program continues this Friday for Year 1 and 2 students. Thanks to all parents who are able to assist with this program. Your assistance makes a huge difference.​