Sport News


Whilst the rain is much needed in Queensland, it has affected a number of sporting events in the past few weeks. This week our Zone 2 cross-country has been postponed as the running area is too wet and muddy and the fields at Villanova would be badly damaged with a few hundred runners tearing up the fields.

Fortunately, the runners will be able to compete on Thursday June 2. All the details for the day are the same as for the original date of this Thursday.   We will have another week’s training in our legs and be very prepared to run well. I have been impressed with the students’ positive attitudes to the changes in training routines. All those attending have been putting in a 110% effort and are showing the benefits of improved endurance.

Students will need to be at school by 8.00am to be ready to leave on the bus by 8.15am.

All runners should have received their representative singlet/shirt. These are to be worn on the zone day and then washed and returned to school in the following week. Please ensure that the shirts are returned as soon as possible as we need to do a stock take on our supply.



The day is approaching and I have been very impressed with the skill improvement of our two teams. The girls have benefitted from the coaching by AFL Qld. The coaches are quite amazed at the skills shown by the girls’ team. The boys’ team has a number of players who are already in club teams. The boys are developing some strong basic skills and a good sense of game play. Training has been a little disrupted with the rain.