St Thomas' Community Garden

Year 3 students have been involved in an inquiry into how best to make use of the gardens that have recently been installed at our school. Now that the garden beds are in place, the students have decided the best plants for this time of the year and the position of the garden. Student interest has been taken into consideration in the making of these decisions.

Worm farms are also operational, and the students have been collecting food waste to feed to the worms and so we have taken a small but important step in sustainable practices.

This hands-on and practical context for learning (and fun) has been possible due to P&F funding and we are very grateful for this.

Following is a reflection from Year 3 White:

​In Year Three we have been learning about sustainability and things we can do at school and home to create a more sustainable future. This week our garden beds and worm farms were delivered and installed. When our worms arrived, we made posters to hang around the school that inform readers about what worms can and can’t eat and the safety instructions we need to follow when using the worm farms and garden beds. This week we chose the plants we would like to grow, bought them and we will be planting them soon! Some of the plants we bought are lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Please come and visit our garden and our worms.