St Thomas' Community Garden

There is something very exciting about to happen in our school environment!!

Early next week we will take delivery of a number of above-ground garden beds to begin the realisation of a vision to create St Thomas' Community garden. The area outside the Year 2 classrooms and the beds that border the school oval, is the chosen position for the placement of several garden beds that students will be able to plant and nurture over the remaining weeks of this year, and into the future.

Leading up to this time, the Year 3 students have participated in an inquiry to investigate different factors that would have to be considered in order to plan, design, construct and plant a food, flower or herb garden. Some of the investigations included researching the needs of living things, types of plants that would suit a school environment and the proposed location. Students compared the length of time that different plants take to reach maturity, and mapped the path of the sun, considering its impact on the growth of plants. Our inquirers have also researched the requirements for the garden, which involved measurement and further research into materials needed. In addition, a number of year levels have designed their own vision of the garden project using Minecraft.

This project encompasses a number of curriculum areas, including Design and Technology, Mathematics, Science and Health as well as the cross-curricular priority of Sustainability.

In keeping with the true nature of a community garden, all year levels will be invited to participate in their own way, and to take the opportunity to make links between this very practical endeavour and the curriculum whenever possible. Outside Hours Care will also have their part to play, as they will be tending the garden during holidays. If your family lives locally, you may like to keep a watchful eye over the garden when passing, during holiday periods.

We are excited by the possibility of where this project will lead and we are very grateful to the school's Parents and Friends Association who have provided the funds to bring us closer to making St Thomas' Community garden a reality.​