Wellbeing at St Thomas'

 We know the pandemic has resulted in increased pressures across the community, so it is more important than ever for us to take time for our own mental health, learn the skills to build positive wellbeing, and to look out for those we know and love.

Year 6 students, in the Wellbeing Ministry, have been busily working with members of the Leadership Team to schedule events and​ activities that focus on the things we can do to sustain and maintain our wellbeing.

Some of the activities that we will be providing include; yoga before school, mindful colouring, meditation, lunchtime games, outdoor meditation and on Friday, students can wear a touch of green because it is the colour that represents mental health. Throughout Week 5, the Wellbeing Ministry members, will be looking out for students who are showing kindness towards others. These students will be rewarded with a ticket which will then go into a box and then during assembly on Wednesday, a student's name will be pulled out of the box and they will receive a reward.

The Wellbeing Ministry look forward to helping the students recognise the importance of mental health.