Whole School Meditation

​​On Wednesday many of our staff participated in a two-hour Meditation Workshop. The workshop began with looking at why we have Meditation in our Catholic schools and the connections it has to the Religious Education Curriculum, our School Vision and Mission, the Brisbane Catholic Education Formation Framework, our Annual Plan, Wellbeing and the Good Samaritan charism. Staff were then able to participate in five different meditative practices. We explored how a whole school approach to meditating at the same time requires everyone on campus (staff, students, visitors) to stop and take time for themselves to nurture their faith formation. These practices will continue to be shared with our students so that during our Whole School Meditation (at 11:05am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week for five minutes) they will also be able to draw upon a range of meditative practices depending on their needs at the time. We are encouraging all staff, students and visitors on campus to treat this as sacred time by refraining from engaging in conversation or continuing to work as we want to respect everyone’s opportunity to foster their wellbeing.