Why St Thomas'?

​Since the beginning of term I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with both existing and new families as part of the 2020 Prep enrolment process. It’s an exciting time for families as they formally commence the process of enrolling their child into school. As Principal, I really enjoy the time spent with both current and prospective families. The meetings provide an ideal opportunity to share our school’s vision, and to also receive feedback about the school.

Each meeting with a new family begins with an invitation for the parents to share with me, the reasons they are wishing to have their child enrolled into the St Thomas’ community. The responses almost universally mention the following three reasons:

Sense of community – Most new families currently reside within the Camp Hill area and have had some point of connection with our community. As a Catholic school, this connection usually begins in our Parish, where many of the children are baptised. The involvement in the life of the Parish often leads to other community connections, including the St Thomas’ Playgroup. Many of our new families also shared with me that they attended last year’s fete, and felt a wonderful sense of community and high levels of parent engagement!

Size of our school community – The size of our community is very attractive for many new families. Being mid-size, our school remains quite intimate, where each and every child can grow in a nurturing environment.

Strong reputation – St Thomas’ has a strong reputation of providing a quality Catholic education in the local community. Our new families are well aware of this reputation, with ‘word of mouth’ proving to be a wonderful source of marketing for the school.

Below is a newly designed version of our Vision and Mission which is shared with our new families at interview. Whilst the words remain the same, the new design brings a contemporary look and feel. I include it below for your referral, as a reminder of the meaningful values and beliefs, that underpin the flourishing life of our school community.