Wonder of Science Program

‚ÄčLast Wednesday, our school sent a team from Year 5 and Year 6 to the Wonder of Science 2019 Regional Student Conference. This event was the culmination of a study in which our students participated, as part of an initiative in partnership with the University of Queensland and Brisbane Catholic Education.

The teams who represented our school in the challenge, presented the results of a term- long STEM inquiry into their chosen investigation. The Year 5 students questioned why Planet Earth sustains life while other planets do not. The students tested their hypothesis by creating a variety of conditions under which plant life could exist. The focus for the Year 6 study was to research, design and create a food that would be suited to an extreme environment - in their case, in Space.

Each team presented their research and findings to the conference and for the Year 6 team their research, results and presentation won them a THIRD PLACE in the competition. Congratulations to all of our students who represented our school well, and to our teachers,  who guided our students throughout their investigations.