Wonder of Science

Our Year 5 and 6 students are participating in a Science inquiry, under the guidance of UQ’s Young Ambassadors from the “Wonder of Science”. Our Young Ambassadors, Lena and Amy, visited our school last week to work with the students to support our teachers in laying the foundations of knowledge for each of their inquiries, and to participate in an investigation related to their inquiry, to build this knowledge further. Year 5 is studying Earth and have posed the question “Why is our planet Earth able to support life, whereas other planets cannot?”. Year 6 are investigating the question “How can we design a food that is suitable for an extreme environment”. In this case, the Year 6 students are using the context of living in space. 

Following Lena’s and Amy’s visits, the students were asked to reflect on their learning. Presented here is a reflection from each class.

Year 5 Science

Year 5 are competing in the Wonder of Science competition this year. We were given a task that helped us learn about the Solar System and why Earth is the best planet to sustain life. We were given different cards and sheets to teach us a few things about all the planets and their features and the approximate distance planets are from the sun, which helped us to visualise what the Solar System looks like. We also did a ‘toilet paper’ activity, and had to place all the planets on the toilet paper sheets based on their distance from the sun.

As a class, we have all decided in groups of three or four that we would like our experiment for the Wonder of Science to be growing seeds. When we are growing our seeds, each group will keep most things the same, but will have one variable. It could be changing the soil the seeds are grown in, growing different seeds, changing the temperature the seeds are grown in, or many other things. Whatever we choose as our variable must demonstrate why Earth is the best planet for sustaining life, and why organisms are incapable of growing on other planets. We can present our work in many different ways, such as a 3D Model, Venn diagram or PowerPoint. When our experiments are complete, each group will present their work to the class. Everyone, including our teacher, will vote on which group they think should go to the regional conference. The group with the most votes will then have the opportunity to compete against other schools, and if they win, they will go to the state conference.

We are all excited about participating in this competition and would love to be part of the winning team that will represent St Thomas’ at the regional conference. But while not everyone can be part of the winning team, we are certainly all having lots of fun and learning many interesting things along the way!  Emily

Year 6

Last Monday, the Years 5s and 6s were visited by Young Ambassadors, Lena and Amy, from the Wonder of Science program regarding our new science assignment. Amy and Lena explained the project and gave us the background knowledge. The Year 6s are looking at a snack that can be eaten in space, making sure that the packaging doesn’t affect the food and that it is nutritious enough. Amy and Lena really helped us to understand what our assignment was and how to approach it. We investigated samples of food and examined the nutrients and packaging. Overall, the experience was really fun and everyone is prepared to start our Wonder of Science assignment.  Charlotte

​Further information on the Wonder of Science can be found at Wonder of Science.