Calm Springs

​At St. Thomas’, we value, support and nurture the wellbeing of all students. One way we do this, is through ‘Calm Springs’.

What is the purpose of Calm Springs?

To provide an alternative space for students, who may find the playground an overwhelming experience or may just be looking for a quieter space. Being the inclusive community we are at St. Thomas', we are responding to the student's needs.

Who can come along?

Each class can have up to 3 students come, each day. The children who are attending, get a pass from their teacher, bring the pass to the library and hand it to the teacher on duty. At the end of lunch, you will bring the pass back to your teacher. The pass will come back and forth each day.

Why is it called Calm Springs?

‘Calm’ because this is a calm and quiet place to go to and ‘Springs’ because the connection to water and the environment is significant to all, including Aboriginal culture. Birds, animals and plants could not exist without a constant water source. Springs are a water source that bring nature together to nourish their bodies just like ‘Calm Springs’ will nourish the wellbeing of our students.

Where will the club take place? 

The library.

When can the children come? 

Calm Springs is on every day at 2nd break, during lunch.

What will you do there? ​

There will be a range of activities available eg drawing, board games, colouring or read a book. Our Wellbeing Ministry leaders will guide origami lessons on a Monday starting Week 7. It is a quiet space, so all activities are quiet and calm activities. You could talk with other children or have some quiet time for yourself.

The children enjoy Calm Springs because:

"It’s quiet"; "There are less rules than at the park"; "I like colouring"; "Friends get to collaborate"; "It's fun"; "I like playing with the lego"; "I like playing Chess with my friends"; "I like reading by myself for a bit".