Gratitude Wall

Our Year 6 Well-being Ministry is aiming to cultivate the action of gratitude by creating a virtual Gratitude Wall. With numerous studies now noting the positive effects of gratitude on physical health, psychological well-being and our relationships with others; expressing gratitude for the good things in our lives enables us to be happier and enhance our personal well being.

The Well-being Ministry are inviting all students, staff and parents within the St Thomas' community to record the things for which they’re grateful, on their virtual Gratitude Wall.

I am Catherine and I am a member of the Well-Being Ministry. We have discovered that being grateful relieves stress and depression, which will improve the community of St. Thomas’. When you express gratitude you feel better on the inside, which we’re trying to implement in our community. We have made a digital gratitude wall. We ask that students, staff and parents fill out the form to enhance the well-being of our community. Catherine - Year 6