Handwriting Hints


Writing: Why Use Pencil Grips?

It is important to reinforce the correct pencil grip, when children are writing. Children need to hold a pencil in a way that provides both stability and mobility. Speed, legibility and endurance of handwriting are influenced by the way a child holds their pencil. Pencil grips can help the child maintain a position of stability to allow for efficient mobility and improved handwriting.

Pencil Toppers are ideal for anyone who chews when writing. Some children (and adults) actually chew when they are thinking or processing.

Handwriting Hints

  • Break crayons or pencils in half to help children to develop grasp. Often, children will hold onto the pencil with all of their fingers if the pencil is too large.
  • Add a Popsicle stick or your finger between words to work on spacing.
  • Use a highlighter for the top, middle and/or baselines to help children to realise where lines are on the paper. Use a different colour for each line.
  • Use a sticker on the top left side of the paper as a reminder of the way the paper should be positioned. Students can then refer to the sticker when reading and writing to make sure they are moving from left to right.