Wrapper Free Lunches

​Week 7-10 Tuesdays and Thursday:  

Our Laudato Si Ministry advocate for environmental change and are teaching us ways to truely live the Laudato Si message of sustainability. Living Laudato Si is not easy and like Jesus’s parables it can make us uncomfortable with what we know we must do. It’s about social justice. What is social justice? Buettner-Schmidt & Lobo (2011) respond to this question by observing that “entire books and treaties have been written on this topic without defining it” (p.950). Social justice is both “a process and a product” (p.954). Social justice may be defined as full participation in society and the balancing of benefits and burdens by all citizens, resulting in equitable living and a just ordering of society. I love this definition of social justice because it reminds us that living Laudato Si is both a process and a product.

Our journey, the process, is in its infancy. The girls would like to advocate for nude lunch box days or wrapper free lunch days. It is certainly much harder and less convenient to not include wrappers in our family’s lunches. It’s certainly better value for money to buy the large packet of goods instead of the individually wrapped goods.

Our latest newsletter includes some ideas for Nude Lunch Days