Introducing our Friend-O-Benches

​The Wellbeing Ministry have been hard at work designing a new and inclusive space in our school.

With the help of Mrs Kelly, Mrs Smith and Mr Blyth, we have created a colourful, calm and cool place to hang out. There will be 2 Friend-O-benches. One near the hardcourts for the upper years, and another one on the oval (when it’s complete) for the younger students.

Students can use the Friend-O-Bench for assistance to find a friend if they are lonely, or if they just want to make new friends. All students have been invited to support students found sitting on the Friend-O-Bench by coming up to them, saying hello and inviting them to join in their games.

Next to each bench will be a Friend-O-Bucket with equipment and activities to provide inspiration for play. Members of the Wellbeing Ministry will be monitoring the Friend-O- Bench to help if students need support to put out a Friendship Fire, or to find someone to play with.

At assembly on Monday, the Wellbeing Ministry reminded all students to remember what we have learnt in Friendology and to always be KIND and STRONG.