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27th February
Clean Up Australia Day

28th February

Working Bee 3-5pm

13th March
Rice Day

25th March
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1st April
Applications for Enrolment
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2nd April
Last day of Term 1


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Welcome to our website...

St. Thomas’  is an inner-city school on the east side of Brisbane.  As one of 136 affiliated systemic schools in the Archdiocese, our emphasis is education for the whole child in the Catholic Christian tradition.  This means that we value the uniqueness of each person and strive to provide opportunities for their development throughout their individual learning journeys – spiritually, emotionally, socially, psychologically, academically, physically and culturally.

Our school, which commenced in 1929, is an integral part of St. Thomas’ Catholic Parish.  Since separating from East Coorparoo in 1927, this parish has been served by the Missionary of the Sacred Heart Priests.  The school was started by the Good Samaritan Sisters, who remained teaching here until 2004. In living out our faith justly and with compassion for others, St. Thomas’ continues to reflect the charisms of both of these Orders.

While passersby would notice that St. Thomas’ is a visually appealing and well resourced school, with attractive buildings and grounds, our most notable characteristic is our community.  St. Thomas’ is renowned for being friendly, vibrant and welcoming; with supportive and involved parents/caregivers and a commitment to providing a safe, engaging and enjoyable learning environment.

Thank you for visiting our website.  We trust that in learning more about our community you will recognise, as we do, why St. Thomas’ is “a heart for mind and spirit”.

Community News

All students will be involved in a school clean up this Friday, 27th February. Today's assembly presented by Year 4 White looked at sustainable practices in preparation for the clean-up. All classes will be allocated a section of the school parish grounds to "clean up" on Friday.

Friday, 13th March is 'Rice Day' at St Thomas'. This is our major fundraising event for Project Compassion (Caritas) where, in a small way, we stand in solidarity with those in developing nations. For a gold coin donation the children (Prep – Year 6) will be given a cup of plain rice to eat for their lunch. I understand that this sounds a little odd – why pay for something that is less than what you would give your child to eat in their lunch box – that is precisely the point. The aim of 'Rice Day' is to experience something challenging and out of the norm.

In many developing countries a cup of plain rice is the only sustenance for the entire day. How can we ever grasp what that is like without experiencing it ourselves!

'Rice Day' is run by our Year 6 Leaders. Many of them embrace this fully and they skip breakfast and morning tea so that they only have the cup of rice for the whole day.

Students may also face other challenges throughout the day to make the experience fuller. For example, a younger class may choose to put away all coloured pencils, felts and crayons for the day and only have one pencil as their school equipment. Another class may forgo using technology for the day, or spend the day without any electricity (lights, fans, air-conditioning, laptops etc.).

'Rice Day' offers valuable lessons for us all so be sure to discuss 'Rice Day' with your child. Please support this 'real life' Lenten activity by making a gold coin donation on the day.

Click here to visit the recently updated Student Protection section of the website.  This section will provide links to the required Student Protection processes and will detail a common Complaints Process for BCE Schools should there be a concern that school personnel are not complying with Student Protection processes.

Working Bee Just a reminder, we have a working bee on Saturday 28th February from 3-5pm. We'll be working to tidy up the paths and hedges around the outside of the school, and any help will be much appreciated. There will be an opportunity for a refreshing beverage at the end. If you're able to help, please contact the committee at stthomaspandf@gmail.com or Rich on 0414 676 685.

If you have any questions about the P&F, please contact me on 0414 676 685 or Allannah on 0416 263 640, and we will endeavour to answer them for you. We can also be contacted via stthomaspandf@gmail.com

PREP 2016
Applications for enrolment for Prep 2016 opened on Monday, 23rd February, 2015 and close on Wednesday, 1st April, 2015. Application for Enrolment forms will be available online at that time via this website.

Sacraments of Initiation 2015

A reminder that the program for the 2015 Sacraments of Initiation will begin in March. If your child will be in Year 3 or above in 2015 and you wish them to receive these Sacraments, please contact the Parish Office as soon as possible for a registration form. Phone 3398 1154 or email stthomas@bne.catholic.net.au. The form can also be downloaded from our website – catholicsonthehill.org.au.

The St Thomas’ Community Business Directory serves to provide a listing of services available in our local community. The purpose of this directory is to:

  • Provide families (and other website visitors) with the contact details of those in our community who provide a particular service,
  • Provide families with an opportunity to advertise their business.

Celebrating Catholic EducationIf you would like to advertise your business, please complete the Business Directory application form (available via the Forms & Downloads section of the website) and return it to the school office. As soon as we receive your authority to advertise, and an email containing the business logo (if applicable), we will arrange for your advertisement to be uploaded onto our website. Please note the Principal must approve all advertisements as appropriate prior to advertisement being accepted.


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