Assessment and Reporting

Assessing student learning at St Thomas’ School is an integral part of our teaching and learning. Throughout the assessment process our teachers identify, gather and interpret information about student achievement and learning in order to improve, enhance and plan for further learning. All reporting at St Thomas’ school involves a professional judgement made on a body of evidence about a student’s progress and achievement. These judgements are made against the achievement standards of the Australian Curriculum.

Written Reports

At the end of each semester, parents are issued with a formal written report by the school. Parents/caregivers are interestedinfinding out how their child is achieving, the quality of that achievement and where their learning needs to be directed in the future. This report summarises evidence of student learning about how the student is achieving, provides feedback about the quality of this achievement and provides direction about where to next. Reporting involves teachers making a professional judgement on a bodyofevidence about a student’s progress and achievement against the curriculum. These judgements are made against the achievementstandards of the Australian Curriculum. A teacher's professional judgement is at the heart of reporting student achievement. At St Thomas’, teachers use a number of assessment tools and evidence of student work to inform their judgments.

Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent Teacher Interviews offer a great opportunity to build partnerships between home and the school. As part of our mandatory obligations, the school provides two formal opportunities for Parent Teacher Meetings. These interviews are held at the end of Term 1 and Term 3 each school year.

Parents are also encouraged to make an appointment outside of these formal opportunities if they have any educational concerns to discuss with the class teacher.

Term Overviews of Learning

At the beginning of each school term, a copy of the Term Overview of Learning is made available to parents via the Class Blogs located on the Parent Portal. The Term Overview of Learning provides parents with detailed information on the planned learning to occur with their child’s class. This information assists parents in supporting their child’s learning by making the learning visible for the term ahead. This overview also provides other organisational information specific to your child’s class that parents may find useful.

Celebration of Learning Open Classroom Mornings

Throughout the school year, parents are invited to visit their child’s classroom for a Celebration of Learning Open Classroom Morning held each term. These structured opportunities provide our students with an opportunity to share their achievements with their parents.