Our Benedictine Values

Compassion –Justice –Faith –Learning

At St Thomas’ School we follow in the tradition of the Sisters of Good Samaritan of the Order of St Benedict and in doing so we strive to be a community of Faith, Justice, Compassion and Learning.

  • Compassion – We support all members of our school community and strive to nurture in ourselves and others, an understanding of God’s unique plans for us.
  • Justice – We welcome all to ensure an inclusive and respectful community built on service and fairness.
  • Faith– We live our Catholic faith in our parish and school community through our prayers, words and actions.
  • Learning - We educate and inspire our children to develop their individual gifts in a contemporary, relevant learning environment.

At St Thomas', each school year provides us with an opportunity to explore our Catholic Identity more deeply as we focus on a new theme that connects directly to our school’s Charism and Vision and Mission.​