Daily Timetable and Attendance Expectations

​Daily Timetab​le
8:30AM Session 1 commences 
11:00AM First break
11:45AM Session 2 commences
1:25PM 2nd break
1:55PM Session 3 commences
2:55pm End of the school day

Before School Procedure

Parents are encouraged not to drop children to school prior to 8:15am. Any students ​arriving to school prior to 8:15am are to be seated on the steps of the Hard Court. Supervision commences at 8:15am.

After School Procedure

At the end of the school day, students transition to one of the following:

  • Pick-up Zones @ Stephen St and Perth St  (Pick-up Supervision finishes at 3:15pm)
  • Onsite parent collection (Outside Tuckshop)
  • Outside School Hours Care


Parents are required to notify the school if their child is not attending school due to illness or other reasons. Parents can notify the school via phone or via the Parent Portal / BCE Connect App. If the school is not contacted by 9am, an automatic SMS message will be sent to the parent requesting that they contact the school to verify the child’s absence and reason.


Any student arriving at school after 8:30am is noted in our attendance records as ‘late’. We understand that at times it may be necessary for you to collect your child early or arrive at school late. Please be aware that a late arrival means that your child may miss essential instructions given at the beginning of the school day. Children may mayfeel uncomfortable and embarrassed arriving to the classroom when everyone else is already settled.​

Please note that late arrivals and early departures must be signed in by a parent/caregiver at the school office using our ALLE System. It is necessary for you to accompany your child to the office to sign them in or out. Attendance records will be inaccurate if your late arrival or early departure is not recorded on our system.


If your child is going to be absent for an extended period of time, please contact the office so that flexible schooling arrangements can be made.