Friendology 101


At St Thomas’, we are committed to creating a safe and positive school culture for our students. This year, we are excited to be adding to our school wide 'toolkit' of resources by implementing an internationally recognised program, Friendology 101 by URSTRONG. This wellbeing program aims to empower children with the skills, language, and self-confidence to be better friends and develop healthier friendships. Friendology 101 will also provide us all with a consistent common language to use as we co-identify social issues and learning to better communicate solutions.

Through a series of 8 age-appropriate sessions , our students will learn language to:

  • better express their feelings,
  • stand up for themselves,
  • put out Friendship Fires® (URSTRONG’s term for conflict).
  • know the difference between normal conflict and 'mean on purpose' behaviour (URSTRONG's term for bullying)

For more information about the program, a detailed Parent Information Letter is available via the Parent Portal.   Parents may also wish to visit for some further reading.  (We highly recommend viewing the 4 minute video for parents).