Positive Behaviour 4 Learning

​​PB4L is a framework for schools that uses a systemic approach to positive behaviour supports for all students. The aim of implementing the framework is to achieve increased academic and social progress and achievement for all students by using evidence-based practices. One of the focus areas is explicit teaching of behaviours that assists students to access learning – academically and socially - at all stages of development throughout their education.

As a school community we are committed to providing a positive school culture where students feel safe. Our learners are guided by our Active Learner Dispositions and Active Learner Behaviour MATRIX. These frameworks articulate and ‘make visible’ the expectations for learning and behaviour at St Thomas’ and form an important part of the Student Behaviour Support Plan. At St Thomas’ we:

  1. Provide Clarity on our school wide expectations
    By providing explicit teaching of expected behaviours we foster and create positive learning environments across all settings in the school. Our Active Learner MATRIX  is a visual tool that outlines the expectations of behaviours we expect all students and staff to learn, practice and demonstrate. They allow us to teach proactively and to provide students and parents with a positive message about behaviours for learning at school.
  2. Teach the Expected behaviour
    Effective instruction requires more than providing the rule – it requires instruction, practice, feedback, re-teaching and encouragement Instruction takes place each day, throughout the day, all year long.
  3. Provide Feedback by encouraging Productive Behaviours for learning
    Our school encourages and motivates students, both as they are learning the expected behaviours and then to maintain those skills and dispositions as students become more fluent with their use. Teachers use a range of feedback techniques to promote, acknowledge and encourage behaviours that align with our school wide expectations. At our weekly Celebration of Faith and Learning Assembly, we acknowledge and celebrate students who are demonstrating our Active Learner dispositions and MATRIX.
  4. Responding to Unproductive Behaviours 
    Even with our positive approach to teaching and supporting expected behaviours for learning, unproductive student behaviour will still occur. Our Student Behaviour Support plan provides clear processes that the school follows in relation to managing unproductive behaviours (including bullying a​nd cyberbullying).

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