Parents & Friends Association

A Welcome to your P&F Association

​The P&F's aim is "to provide a forum to assist the education of our children and to support the school in any way possible".  This includes the traditional role of fundraising but it is also about building and keeping the school community together – in meetings and through functions where parents can interact seek information about the school's running, contribute, socialise and provide support for each other.

The P&F operates within a constitution adopted from the Federation of Parents and Friends Associations of Catholic Schools in Queensland.

Meetings are held each term, generally on a Monday at 7.00pm.  Every parent and friend of the school is not just entitled to attend, but is encouraged and welcome to do so. Our meetings are structured but informal - and go no later than 9.00pm. Our Principal and our APRE attend every meeting to provide an update of the school's activities, so this is a good forum to hear what's going on.

The P&F has a regular spot in the weekly school newsletter each Wednesday.

Each year in November a P&F committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee consists of:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Events Coordinator
  • Events Coordinator (social)
  • Committee Members

One way or another, the P&F is involved in, responsible for or helps coordinate: 

  • Tuckshop​
  • Our biennial Fete
  • Payment for buses for school camps
  • Classroom resources
  • Payment of buses for sports carnivals
  • Other fundraising and social events including Mother's Day and Father's Day stalls and a selection of Discos, Bush Dances, Trivia nights or other similar functions.

We ask only that everyone contributes when, if and what they can to the P&F – whether that be a little time, ideas, or financially.  As with most organisations like ours we rely totally on the help and time of volunteer parents.

The profits we generate from the fundraisers are used to purchase additional equipment and resources for the children – including books and literacy tools, information technology, playground apparatus and upgrades, sports equipment, safety gear and so on. We have also been able to install interactive whiteboards in each classroom and air conditioning throughout the school.

Also, a special mention about our Class Parent Representatives: These are one or two volunteer parents from each class who act as an intermediary with the P&F, facilitate a caring, assisting and social environment (arrange morning tea get-togethers, etc.) and coordinate the particular fundraising events allocated to each class.

May we take this opportunity to invite you to take an active part in the school through the Parents and Friends Association – whether by attending meetings and providing your ideas or asking questions, or in a committee capacity in due course, or in one of the many vital voluntary roles that make life fun and fruitful at this great school.  

May you and your children have a rewarding time at St Thomas' School Camp Hill. We look forward to meeting you. ​