A Strong and Supportive Community

​​One of the many great things about my role as Principal of St Thomas' is speaking with our prospective families about their intention to join our school community. Over the weekend I had the opportunity to meet with many of these families as part of our Prep 2025 enrolment process. Whilst each and every family has a different story, and a unique journey that has brought them to apply at St Thomas', there is a common theme that continues to arise from every conversation I have had.

​Every family spoke of the strong reputation that St Thomas' has in the local area for having a strong and supportive community. Further to this, they spoke of St Thomas' as being known as a school where students are both supported and challenged to be the best that they can be through a holistic education. As the leader of our school, it is a privilege to not only hear this but also bear witness to this being lived out each and every day at St Thomas'. As we continue the process of preparing to welcome these new members to our school, I wanted to express my gratitude to you all for the role you play in ensuring that this sense of community is something that continues to be strengthened as we journey through our 95th year.