Mathematics at St Thomas'

​Next week a talented group of Year 6 Students will be representing St. Thomas' at the 2024 Mathematical Minds Challenge at St Elizabeth's Primary School. We wish them all the best as they take on this teams challenge.

Our Mad Maths groups in Years 3-6 will also compete in their first (of four) Maths Games and Maths Explorer competitions next week to be held at school during class time. These students have been taking part in weekly problem solving and maths challenges in order to:

  • Help younger students make sense of mathematical ideas rather than simply learning abstract concepts.
  • Introduce effective problem solving strategies from an early age and develop flexibility for problem solving.
  • Stimulate students’ enthusiasm and enjoyment of mathematics.
  • Build students’ confidence in their own ability.
  • Demystify the problem solving approach and prevent the onset of ‘maths anxiety'.
  • Provide an opportunity to experience both challenges and success on the same problem.